Meet Jazzy

Jazzlin Mejia is a sassy and smart eight year old from Petaluma. She loves art, books and the Warriors. She’s all that eight years old should be. She just happens to be confined to a wheel chair.


On October 29, 2013 Jazzy and her father, Gustavo, were struck by a drunk and high driver while driving home on Highway 121. The velocity of the collision spun their car around, shattering Gustavo’s legs and snapping Jazzy’s small spine. After four months in the hospital and rehab, Jazzy returned home, paralyzed from the chest down.


In the months that followed, there was a beautiful outpouring of love and support for the Mejia family. The generosity of the community, combined with their insurance, covered most of the large hospital bills, and even provided them with a car that would accommodate a wheelchair and specialized car seat.


Meanwhile, the driver of the vehicle that caused this tragedy awaited his trial. He had been driving with a suspended license, was drunk and high on cocaine and had a semi-automatic rifle with 53 rounds of ammunition in the car. He should not have been on the road that night. He pled guilty to all 16 charges filed against him and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.


Jazzy’s family met with lawyers and explored their options. Ultimately, there was to be no windfall settlement. The driver had no insurance; resulting in a final settlement of $7000 each for Jazzy and her dad.


Jazzy takes part in a therapy called Project Walk that is not covered by insurance. In the past few months she’s had to cut back to going every other week, as it is just too expensive. She and her family live in a small apartment that is not ideal for her disability, but rents are so incredibly high these days, they recently signed a lease for another year.


Jazzy is a fighter, she has dreams of becoming a police officer, and an artist – and possibly working for the Warriors one day. Let’s help make all of that possible. And more.

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